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Welcome to TCE Performance Products LLC

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Latest TCE News

Aero6 and Aero4 Calipers replace former W6A and W4A


Wilwood and TCE/Wilwood Kits

For Mazda 3 and Mazda 6

TCE is pleased to announce the release of the all new 13" DP6 Wilwood factory kit for the Mazda 3 as well as our re entry into both the 3 and 6 market with our own 14" FNSL6 kits! The factory Wilwood kit offers exceptional value with six pot calipers, directional cast rotors, stellar looks and unbeatable wheel fit. The TCE kits take this farther by offering larger 14" rotors using the larger Forged Narrow Super Lite caliper and pairing them with optional rear kits. Check out the listings by clicking the links to the left. 

Added the new TCE Rear Rotor Kit to the Mazda 3 listings!


BLACK  or RED not working for you? Let TCE show you some other options for many (not all) of your Wilwood Caliper finishes. The palette includes BLUE, YELLOW, SILVER...and on a limited number of calipers; Nickel Plate.


Say Hello to the:  4X Kit! 

You would not buy a four wheel car with only two wheels, TCE figures you shouldn't buy half a brake kit either! So... we have come up with the 4X Big Brake Kit


4X Big Brake Kits are a combination of front and rear kits targeted to your specific needs; usually based upon wheel fit size. These two kits are then packaged as one 4X kit and priced accordingly. Not only is the price point lower than had you purchased the kits individually but TCE picks up the shipping*. What you see: is what you pay! To the door. All inclusive. That's: Calipers, Pads, Hats and Rotors, Brackets, Hardware and SS hoses. For both axles.


The other value to our 4X Kit is that we've come of age a bit and are putting these fantastic values one click away with "Buy It Now" features from our friends at PayPal. At check out you can even finance your purchase at 0% interest for 6 months- with PayPal approval. One stop shopping and financing make the 4X Kit a bargain in the world of big brake kits. 

2015 Out of shop notice:

Please note that the shop will be closed

Apr 24 - May 2: Ford DSFL Chicago IL

May 6-11- Temple Canyon Hill Climb Race

May 24-28- Ford DSFL Dearborn MI

BRAKE FLUID: What does it all mean?

Check out this great interactive page put together by long time TCE customer, Dodge Magnum open track racer and all around great guy Matt Robertson! The most complete chart I've ever seen it should be bookmarked by all you track guys!




NEW: TCE offers Titanium Pad Shims!

High demand braking systems generate high heat. As that heat transfers to the caliper body internal fluid temperatures rise. The resulting "boiled brake fluid" creates a soft pedal and poor braking performance, leading to longer stopping distances, lack of tactical feel, loss of confidence and possible total brake failure. Don't let the heat get to you! Titanium pad spacers create a low cost, low profile thermal barrier between your pads, pistons and caliper body- ultimately keeping brake fluid temps lower, longer. Currently TCE stocks shims for five popular calipers. See the BRAKE PADS or SERVICE PARTS page for more info. Competitively priced as always.

Dual MC Bias and Torque Calculator

The all new TCE bias and brake torque calculator is now available for your use. The new tool will help those with twin master cylinder set ups who struggle to determine the parts they need to meet their goals. This spread sheet allows the user to adjust all the variable; pedal ratio, balance bar centering, mc bores, pistons area, rotor size etc. to achieve not only the proper bias but to compare that data to the active weigh transfer values produced by inputting the cars dynamics! Check it out in the Toolbox above. 

MINI Paceman get TCE treatment~!

I really appreciate you putting the kit together for me, It not only looks great but stops in almost 1/2 the distance of the stock brakes. With your custom brackets I had to do absolutely 0 (NONE) modifications and the complete install took about 4 hours using my floor jack, jack stands and speed bleeders. I have attached some pictures of the installed kit on my 2013 Mini Paceman Cooper S All4
Click for larger image

Devon C Vintage Car gets TCE redo

Take and old 'kit car' as they were and fit some custom front brakes to it and it's like having a whole new ride! TCE dug into the parts bin for some brackets used on the Corvair- which happend to be what this Devon runs for front spindles. How simple can that be! We made a couple tweeks for the center knock-off adaper and presto: Big Brakes! Check out the XXX Custom page for more pictures of this cool kit.


New Calculator for Wheel Clearance!

Every wondered how that caliper spec information translated to actual wheel fit? With a variety of caliper options on the market spoke clearance can vary widely. The new Cal Clearance Calculator can take some of the surprise out of the wheal fit challenge. You'll need some basic info; the offset of the hat (be it the stock one piece rotor or a 2pc design) and the thickness of the 'face' or portion of the hat that slides over the wheel studs onto the hub. Armed with that you can plug in the Caliper body spec and see what your required clearance will be. A simple and effective tool in deciding what caliper you may need to clear your wheels.  CAL CLEARANCE


CUSTOM KITS! Custom work seems to be all the rage this year. Over the past few months TCE has done some interesting things. Check out the new XXX Customs page and see what it's all about. Got a project you want done but don't know where to turn? Now you do. 

Check out this ongoing Riviera conversion!



TCE  Racing Team

Pounding the  mountain roads of Colorado.





For larger image: Right Click / View Image

2015 First race, First WIN

Temple Canyon Hill Climb- Canon City CO

TCE takes first in class, second overall with a best time of 3:17 

Come along for a ride!



2014 TCE Wins Lands End Hill Climb!

Coming back after a three year absence driver, owner Todd Cook wins the Super Sprint Class and being double entered; finishes Second in Open Wheel.  A double entry meant up to ELEVEN runs were available to the team, seven on Saturday and four on Sunday. The car took a green flag for nine runs and finished them all putting in a respectable time in both classes, qualifying first in SS and second in OW. The new 3.0L motor put the car legally back into the SS class with a minimal weight penalty of about 15lbs. Some gearing changes on Saturday afternoon were required and achieved pushing the car into a more derivable mode and higher rpm range.


Sunday, Race Day, went off without a hitch also holding onto both those positions setting a best time of 5:13, 5:15, 5:13 and 5;14 between all four runs. The final including a "four off and on" which hampered what was likely a yet faster time. Thanks to the CHCA for hosting a terrific event. 


 Ray Thompson Lands End Hill Climb

A race with a rich history Lands End is a 5mi course up the Grand Mesa southeast of Grand Junction CO. This road offers more diversity than any other race on the schedule and challenges drivers with narrow twisties, fast sections and countless switchbacks. The event itself dates back to the 1940s and has hosted some of the greatest names in racing.  Lands End History.


Todd Cook, owner of TCE has been a class winner 6X and overall fast time as well as current class record holder. Now 7X winner.



Video from the 2012 Pikes Peak run!




2011: TCE Breaks Record on Mt. Washington!


The TCE Team finished second overall at Mt. Washington on Sunday June 26th 2011. With rain coming down off and on all weekend long the battle for grip was intense. Please see the related story links and results below.



2nd in Open Comp Class 

Fastest Open Wheel Race Car- Ever

Fastest 2WD Car- Ever

Third quickest time- Ever






Race Car Specs


Race Results

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