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Custom Work!

As of late TCE has been inundated with requests for custom work. As the owner of TCE I could not be happier. We've set the bar high for complete custom builds. For both the street enthusiast as well as a number of known 'Tuners' who prefer a nice plug-n-play for their custom work. You may not know it...but you've seen TCE work at SEMA the past few years. Often labeled as Wilwood product as we've partnered on these custom projects with builders to offer exposure to both Wilwood and TCE. As of late TCE is finishing up three customs; an early '70s C10 Pickup, a later model C1500 and another 1963 T-Bird. While all of this will be added to the XXX Customs page in due time please check out the progress and images periodically on the TCE Facebook page. Thanks for making 2015 a huge success!  -TC

Say Hello to the:  4X Kit! 

You would not buy a four wheel car with only two wheels, TCE figures you shouldn't buy half a brake kit either! So... we have come up with the 4X Big Brake Kit.

The other value to our 4X Kit is that we've come of age a bit and are putting these fantastic values one click away with "Buy It Now" features from our friends at PayPal. At check out you can even finance your purchase at 0% interest for 6 months- with PayPal approval. One stop shopping and financing make the 4X Kit a bargain in the world of big brake kits. 

2016 Out of shop notice:

Please note that the shop will be closed

Jul 13-18 Race- Continental Divide Hill Climb

Aug 10-16 Race- Land End HIll Climb

Sep 2-5 Race- Clifton Hill Climb

Need a cross reference on your favorite brake fluid?


HELP!! My pedal is soft and I've bled my brakes over and over! 

Some applications have caliper mounted at an angle. That effects the bleed procss trapping air in the caliper. Learn more about this and why HERE



TCE has a limited number of previous style Wilwood NOS calipers which we are re allocating to some of our former Big Brake and Caliper kits--- offering them at a significantly reduced prices



TCE offers Titanium Pad Shims!

High demand braking systems generate high heat. As that heat transfers to the caliper body internal fluid temperatures rise. The resulting "boiled brake fluid" creates a soft pedal and poor braking performance, leading to longer stopping distances, lack of tactical feel, loss of confidence and possible total brake failure. Don't let the heat get to you! Titanium pad spacers create a low cost, low profile thermal barrier between your pads, pistons and caliper body- ultimately keeping brake fluid temps lower, longer. Currently TCE stocks shims for five popular calipers. See the BRAKE PADS or SERVICE PARTS page for more info. Competitively priced as always.


Wheel Fitment: We've had a number of customer of late encounter wheel fit issues relating to their TCE kit or Wilwood factory kit. This is usually the common spoke to caliper clearance issue. To be clear: The determination of wheel fit is up to the customer. TCE and Wilwood provide wheel clearance data to help make that determination. Neither TCE nor Wilwood make specific claims to specific wheel fit unless noted in the page notes per kit. You install it, you find contact to the back side of the wheel; it remains your kit. Neither Wilwood or TCE accept returns on installed, mishandled or damaged merchandise. Wheel fit needs to be reviewed PRIOR to your purchase.


Please note: Effective Jan 1st 2016 TCE will no longer be offering Zinc Plating on our base kits with slotted rotors. Costs and complexity have caught up to us making this more costly to do than it's worth. We will continue to offer it as part of a Drilled and Slotted up-charge option. We will continue to ship plated rotors until stock is depleted. 


TCE  Racing Team

Pounding the  mountain roads of Colorado.




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Temple Canyon 2016- Canon City, CO

TCE make two trips for one race~ ! With the car in place and ready to race April 30th the Temple Canyon Hill Climb was cancelled due to snow! So we packed up, headed home, made some adjustments and put it back on the trailer for a return trip threee weeks later. A lot of road time here...But the effort was rewarded with a First Place in Super Sprint with a time of 3:21 and good enough for second quick of the weekend. Road condiions were as poor as they've ever been with a combo of dust, ruts, pot holes and shale beating up cars and drivers. There was simply no avoiding the hazardous conditions. But prep is everything they say and with some new tires and a bump up in ride height we soldiered on. Fast time in Qualifying allowed us to choose to start first or last in classs- last seemed the ideal choice allowing for others to sweep the road more and not follow the Rally cars which tend to dig out some rocks...And so it went; a 3:23 on the first run in the morring backed up by a tick quicker 3:21 in the afternoon. A big thanks to Chris, Barry, Glenda, Mom, and Gary for assiting in another great weekend. The teams 9th win at Temple.



Clifton Hill Climb- Clifton AZ

TCE takes 2nd in class and 2nd quick time. 

Having set fast time on Saturday setting a new course record we managed but one run on Sunday before falling victim to the cable guard- rail on the second run. Unable to make additional runs there was little choice but to "wait and see" if the first run would hold up. Near the end of the day we were bumped from quick time by Dan Novembre who put in a great effort all weekend having come down form  CO. Looking forward to taking those honors back next year but have some repairs to attend to!


Lands End Hill Climb- Grand Junction CO

TCE takes first in class, third in Open Comp with a best time of 5:10


Continental Divide Hill Climb- Monarch CO

TCE takes first in class, second overall with a best time of 2:09


Temple Canyon Hill Climb- Canon City CO

TCE takes first in class, second overall with a best time of 3:17 



TCE Duplicates Lands End Victory in 2015!

2015: Coming  back for more in 2015 the TCE team came with some minor changes in both gearing and set up. The result: another First in Class and Third in the dual entry of Open Comp. Finishing with 5:10s in both classes we dominated the Super Sprint class from the first run Saturday to finish with a commanding near 15sec lead over Second place. In Open Comp we battled eventual Winner Spencer Steel and Paul Dallenbach (both running high HP V8 cars- one with AWD) finishing Third with another 5:10 to a 5:05 and quick time 5:03. All in all..not bad for a small 3.0L motor. This motor was build and weight added to quell the complaints of unfairness we had a few years ago with our 3.5L motor. Today's motor lacks significant torque over the larger mill but with the right gearing and revs (and despite the small weight penalty still added) it still gets the job done in class. And is only a tick off what we may be capable of in Open with the loss of displacement

 Ray Thompson Lands End Hill Climb

A race with a rich history Lands End is a 5mi course up the Grand Mesa southeast of Grand Junction CO. This road offers more diversity than any other race on the schedule and challenges drivers with narrow twisties, fast sections and countless switchbacks. The event itself dates back to the 1940s and has hosted some of the greatest names in racing.  Lands End History.




Video from the 2012 Pikes Peak run!




2011: TCE Breaks Record on Mt. Washington!

The TCE Team finished second overall at Mt. Washington on Sunday June 26th 2011. With rain coming down off and on all weekend long the battle for grip was intense. Please see the related story links and results below.



2nd in Open Comp Class 

Fastest Open Wheel Race Car- Ever

Fastest 2WD Car- Ever

Third quickest time- Ever






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Race Results

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