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TCE Performance Products


Welcome to TCE Performance Products LLC

Producing Winning Results Since 1993                                                                                                        PH: 480.967.7901
Latest TCE News

Custom Work?  CLICK ME!

Have a custom project that has you stumped? Let TCE help you through the compex nature of turning your braking dreams into reality. TCE has done dozens of custom projects from restorations to street machines to rally cross. What constitutes a custom build? TCE works from stock spindles and customer supplied parts to tailor the build to that specific item. Depending upon the design you may find drum to disc adapter plates linked to our own radial mount brackets as shown in the front and rear kit components below for a Buick Wildcat build.


New Caliper Kit for the 2004+ Crown Vic front spindle!

For over ten years TCE has produced a variety of front (and rear) Big Brake Kits for the Panther Platform. The customer base: Mercury Maruader Owners. From the start our 13" kits were the standard of big brakes for these cars. Over time it grew to include: 13", 14" and even 15" kits!  Both TCE, and now Wilwood variety kits. With the advent of F100 and others retro builds fitting the CV front clip the market has expanded well beyond the basic Hot Rod 4-Door Sedan! 


With that change has come the need for a wider varietey of options. Some want to keep the factory rotors for both wheel fit (17s) or for budget considerations. We hear ya. 

Standard kits (Black or Red) will include; calipers, pads, brackets and hardware. Optional SS flex hose kits are available for CV specific applications only. Starting under $1000

2019 Out of shop notice:

Please note that the shop will be closed

May 16-20 Temple Canyon Hill Climb, Canon City CO

June 13-20 Rangely I Hill Climb, Rangley CO

July 11-15 Monarch Hill Climb, Monarch CO

Aug 7-12 Lands End Hill Climb, Grand Junction CO

Sept 5-19 Rangley II Hill Climb, Rangley CO



Links to various tools, suppliers and external input to help you with your braking project.



A very comprehensive listing of dozens of brake fluid specifications.


Pedal is still soft after bleeding? Caliper mounting angles can play a huge role.


What is it and how can it be altered?


Black and Red not doing it for you? Check out the options! Mix and match.


Depends on the specs of your BBK. Use this to help make the determination. 


Close-Out and Discontinued Kits

TCE has a variety of kits produced over the years that have not met sales expectations. Our loss...your gain as we clear the shelves of bracket inventory.  PLEASE CHECK THE VEHICLE PAGE FOR QTY REMAINING


Nissan Juke: 13" BBKs from only $1189!  

Mazda 3: TCE/Wilwood 13 front BBKs under $1225!  

Mazda 6: TCE/Wilwood 13 and 14" front BBKs under $1289!  

Dodge Dart: Front BBK from only $1215  

Cobalt/HHR: Front BBKs startigng at $1195 

Titan/Armada: Front caliper kits $1297

WK1: Front caliper kits from $1297


FREE GROUND UPS included! (cont. US customers only)


All items above are all limited to bracket stock on hand. Build time; 10-14 days depending upon kit specifics. All parts new unless otherwise noted. 

Thinking about some big brakes on that F250?


TCE has three variants: '99-04, 05-12 and 2013+ for all your braking needs! With Wilwood factory kits now available for the 05-12 and coming soon to the 13+ models TCE remains the sole source for the early gen trucks.  We have also addressed the needs of DRW customers with a "by order" rear hat/drum for the need of those with a Dually! Call and we can go over the options today.


TCE  Racing Team

Pounding the mountain roads of Colorado 


WINS: 40   RECORDS: 13   KING of the HILL: 3




For larger image: Right Click / View Image


The 2019 racing season begins in a couple of weeks with a HUUUGE change in the TCE Team Car. Gone for now is the reliable 3.0L SHO it's place an all new, custom built 2400cc Honda 4cyl power plant. This 'one-off' motor, built by Inline Pro, sports 15.5:1 compression and runs on methanol. That fuel is fed through a custom built Kinsler mechanical fuel injection system with the latest in adjustable jetting and Waterman pump products. The igntion; a simple and reliable Electromotive XDi crank trigger system. Net result: a projected 350HP.  Why? The reasons are numerous; first SHO parts are getting harder and harder to find. Bearings are all but non-existant. But more importantly when you look at the power to weight numbers we've come away with more power and a weight reduction of about 185lbs. This meant a vast number of changes to the car from engine mounts, to adapter plates, to all new wiring and fueling systems. The only penalty we're now sporting is a heavier battery as it runs a 'total loss' electrical system- no alternator. Stay tuned.


Our thanks go out to:

Inline Pro, Kinsler Fuel Injection, Flatout Motorworx, Fathead Fabrication, Boen Built Fabrication, JPF Metalworks, Valtech, and more.

 Temple Canyon: 1st Place Super Sprint

Picking up where we left off last season the TCE team scored it's 11th win at the Temple Canyon Hill Climb! Despite suffering some continuing teething problems our new motor format worked well enough to grab both "pole" time and the Class Win. Clearly there's more in the car than we got out of it at this event with some more work. But nothing fell off, failed, or prevented us from finishing all five runs over the weekend. Back to the shop and some more work over the coming weeks before we head off to Rangely for the first of two races there. Thanks as always to Barry and Glenda as well as my Car Owner: Chris for all their help. Also a shout out to Jake Dallenbach who ran his first weekend in our Little Red Rental and had a blast!





















































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Race Results

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