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Caliper Clearance Calculator

When BBK owners are shopping big brake kits one of the issues is often wheel fit. Or lack of it. While TCE has a Wheel Fit page for most of our house kits those of you using your choice of caliper, rotor and aluminum hat are often fending for yourself at trying to determine just how much clearance you will require. This calculator will take much of the confusion out of that. By populating the required info into the cells you will see just how much spoke clearance your design will need. TCE has included a chart of Wilwood caliper specs for cross reference. You can use any other brand if you have the data.The calculator will produce the result "DIM. A" in this drawing:


Keep in mind that the net fit does NOT include a necessary air gap. When comparing this info to that of a Wilwood pdf or other supplier spec be sure you are considering that in both data references. Normally kits from Wilwood run with a roughly 2mm or 1/8" (.125") of air gap. TCE advises an absolute minimum of .090" to account for any wheel or hub deflection or wheel production variations.


INSTRUCTIONS: To use this calculator select the radio button inches or MM. Enter the hat offset. Enter the thickness of the hat face. Enter the caliper body spec. See the samples below for reference on these terms. Click 'calcculate'. The result is Dim. A above. *Be certain to reference the outer half of the caliper body, verify this by which side the mounting lugs or radial holes are on- the outer side is the opposite.


  Inches MM
Hat Offset:
Hat Face:
Caliper Height:
Hat to Caliper:


Caliper Model Body Spec
TX6  (1.50" rotor) 2.36
TC6R 2.02
SX6  2.14
Aero6 1.97
Aero6    (20mm pad) 2.10
Aero4 1.97
Aero4    (20mm pad) 2.10
FSL6     (20mm pad) 2.16
FSL4     (20mm pad)  2.16
FNSL6   (16mm pad) 1.79
FNSL4   (16mm pad) 1.79
FSL 2.15
NMDP 1.90
LMDP 1.67
DPr 1.93
DP6 1.64
LMDP    (low profile) 1.67
FBDL 1.71
PL 1.61
DPS 1.72

Caliper Body Spec


Rotor Hat Specs

Example Offset and Face

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