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TCE Performance Products

 Big Brake Kits for your SRT-4!
TCE offers a number of kits for the SRT4. We offer the Wilwood factor kit (call) and our own Larger Big Brake Kits


The 13" DP6 Kit
  • Wilwood DP6, six piston calipers
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • TCE spec aluminum mounting brackets
  • 12.88" x .81" directional cast rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • Wilwood aluminum rotor hats
  • BP10 pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit with brackets
  • All required hardware
  • Optional cross drilled rotor finish

APPLICATION: A low profile, full size, 13" kit for the mid level user or street enthusiast who is looking for something larger to fill the wheel. This kit included differential bore six piston calipers for proper pad pressure points promoting long life and even pad wear. Great looks and quick clip pad changes combine with an ultra-low profile often negating the need for wheel spacers.


FIT: Requires 17" or larger wheels.


NOTES: Should not be considered for hard open track day use due to rotor mass and pad thickness. A great street kit suitable for the occasional lapping day only with proper pad selection.

SRT4 TCE 13" DP6 Kit


The 13" FSL Track Kit
  • Wilwood FSL four piston calipers
  • Type III Grey Anodized
  • TCE spec steel mounting brackets
  • 13" 92HD Directional cast rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • TCE billet aluminum rotor hats
  • Sold WITHOUT pads, see Brake Pads  #7420
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • All required hardware

APPLICATION: Suitable for street use but aimed at the open track day user this kit comes with near 15lb rotors for greater thermal capacity than the kits before it. Ample pad choices for the FSL make it a top choice for the most hard core user.


FIT: Requires 17" or larger wheels.


NOTES: Greater rotor mass offers no benefits for the daily driver and street enthusiast. Of all the choices this kit also is the least wheel friendly often requiring 15mm or more wheel spacers.

SRT4 TCE 13" FSL Kit






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