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TCE Performance Products

TCE Performance Products LLC was founded by Todd Cook in 1993 and is based in Tempe, Arizona.

After spending nine years in the driving school business (five years with the Jim Russell Racing School and four years with Bob Bondurant) Todd set out to open his own race prep shop with a customer base ready and willing. Specializing in open Wheel, single seaters the shop had a steady stream of customers producing a number of SCCA Championships and dozens of class wins in local competition. Combined with Championship winning Hewland Transmission services the business was steady and sound.

Shortly after opening the doors, the phone began to ring regarding some of the specialty parts on the Bondurant Taurus SHO's. Specifically their upgraded brake system fitted by Roush for track use. Asked if a similar system could be built for the general public Todd set out to improve upon the system of his former employer. The reaction was favorable and kits were produced offering the most complete package to date for the SHO using track proven components. Business was brisk, but not centered on brake kits as TCE also produced a number of other parts for the SHO including; the first ever adjustable rear lower control arms, and for quite some time; the only shop in the world offering stainless steel brake hoses for the car!

In 1997 a call came from a former SHO owner requesting some input on brakes for his new car; an Impala SS. Having been given a cold shoulder from a larger, well known supplier, the customer was prepared to do whatever it took to get the TCE
SS kit off the ground. In short order dozens of folks were interested in what was happening and placing orders quickly. A couple of years later the first and only rear brake kit for the same car was produced. Both are clearly an industry leader in their class with many satisfied owners. To date this is still the best selling kit TCE has ever produced. It never seems to stop!

The brake business was taking time away from the race car prep and the opportunity to expand this market was too valuable to pass up. While other big name companies produced high dollar brake kits TCE felt there was a market in the $1000-1500 range not serviced by other manufactures. Boosting its relationship with Wilwood TCE set out to expand kit offerings. First up were the cars of the DSM where there was a clear opportunity to capture market share. Kits were produced for the 2G Eclipse and in a short time expanded to include the 1G and later the 3G and Galant VR4 at customer request. In these early years customer feedback aided in kit design. By working with its customers TCE addressed the problematic issues and made conclusive efforts to ‘right' any problems encountered. This effort alone was enough to solidify its customer service praise commonly lacking from other companies. To date TCE offers one of the most diverse brake kit lines for the DSM known.

This customer service was rewarded well with the release of the Lightning kits, again at a former customer's request, and the success of this kit on both the street and track put TCE firmly in the brake kit business.

In 2002-2003 TCE stepped up and made an effort to further expand brake kit offerings from being a side line business to that of a full time effort. The push was on to build and address new car needs and do it at an affordable level. Having released one kit a year or so in the first few years the past couple of years as seen the introduction of a number of new kits from the Marauder to the Tiburon. The new kits expand on the current offerings by doing best to capture similar markets of competing cars such as the new SRT4 and Mazda 6. Both of which should be on the market by the end of the year or early 2004. And once again TCE has done it at a level the others can't.

Later in 2004 TCE began work on one of the most rewarding kits of late; the MINI! We have captured market share by offering a full line of kits meeting the needs of various owners. And as 2005 marches on the new Magnum/300C kits (both front and rear) are again redefining value and performance. Also moving ahead are the CTS kits; now available in both front and rear as well! As a side project we have released a front and rear kit for the new Mazda 3 too. No down time here! Today TCE offers a vast number of kits both street and race as well as making "adjustments" to Wilwood factory kit when necessary. The line up today also includes: Solstice/Sky as well as our own spin on Corvette Caliper Kits and the popular Super Duty kits.


How can TCE do the business it does and do it well? By being hands on. Call TCE and the only one who answers the phone is the owner. TCE uses sub contractors for its CNC and waterjet services so callers won't speak to someone who doesn't know brakes. You'll find little money wasted on things like custom boxes with logos on them, zoomy brake kit clocks, and costly advertising. All of which save costs, passing the savings on to customers. If there's a problem you can count on a call back. If you have a specific need and been turned down by others TCE will take the time to help you meet the goals of your project. TCE operates just as it produces kits; keep it simple.



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