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Torque specs for TCE and Wilwood hardware


This chart shows various hardware used on TCE and Wilwood big brake kits. The specs below should be used as a guide to bolt torque for the hat/rotor assembly. The use of lubricants on bolts, nuts or studs can increase final toque values- adjust them down roughly 10% when used. (*Research this for further info) Red Loctite is often used on threaded fasteners. Beware that Loctite may require heat (ie. a torch) later to remove them. Red Loctiting to an aluminum hat may pose future issues. 


The following specs are listed with Red Loctite in all applications. If you choose to dry torque to aluminum hats the use of Safey-Wire is highly recommended. 


Specs are listed in both Inch Pounds and Foot Pounds. It's also highly recommended the values be achieved with a 3/8 drive Inch Pound torque wrench. Using foot pounds on a large torque wrench can produce higher than required results by way of variations in the wrench.


Note the use of both FINE and COARSE thread bolts. It is important that you know the difference. Fine has more threads for the same overall length of the bolt. Look close or ask. TCE is not responsible for your mistakes! 


BOLT SPEC IMAGE Inch lbs      TORQUE SPEC       Foot lbs
Wilwood 12pt 1/4-20 Coarse thread SS *(used on alum hats) RED 150 RED 13
Wilwood Torx Drive 5/16-18 Button Head SS RED 300 RED 25
Wilwood Hex Head 5/16-18 Grade 8 (replaced by torx) RED 300 RED 25
Wilwood 12pt 1/4-28 Fine thread SS (*used on iron hats)   RED 140 RED 12
TCE 1/4-20 Socket Head Cap Screw (Allen head) -various lengths  RED 130 RED 11
TCE 5/16-24 SHCS (Allen head)  -various lengths RED 250 RED 21
TCE 5/16-18 SHCS (Allen head) -various lengths RED 240 RED 20
TCE 6/16-18 BHCS (Button head) -various lengths RED 145 RED 12
TCE 5/16-24 Nut and Bolt combo- various lengths RED 250 RED 21

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