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Eclipse 1G Kits

1G FRONT KITS: 1989-1993

TCE 13" Street Kit 

  • Wilwood Dyna Pro Six (DP6) 6 piston calipers
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • TCE spec aluminum mount brackets
  • TCE aluminum hats
  • 13 x 1.10" directional cast rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • BP10 pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • All required hardware
  • Optional Drilled/Slotted rotors

APPLICATION: The most "all around" kit for the Street enthusiast. Offers modest weight and balance for wheel fit, light track day use and drag racing where larger wheels are used. Six pot caliper is standard and provides improved pad pressure points for longer wear and less tapering over conventional four pot calipers.


FIT: Minimum Wheel Size 17"


NOTES: The most versitle offering from TCE. The DP6 offers maximum wheel clearance, a stiff caliper body and is fit to a 1.10" rotor. However pads are thinner and more difficult to change than those of the FSL for track use.

1G Eclipse 13" DP6 Kit

TCE 13" Track Kit

  • Wilwood Forged Super Lite (FSL) 4 piston calipers
  • Type III Grey anodized
  • TCE spec steel mount brackets
  • TCE aluminum hats
  • 13 x 1.10" directional cast rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • Sold WITHOUT pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • All required hardware

APPLICATION: For the open track day user who's demands place more stress on the caliper, this kit is sold with the base FSL four piston caliper. These wider calipers offer full 20mm thick pads for long life and improved heat rejection to the caliper allowing for lower fluiid temps. Their larger size however will greatly compromise wheel fit.


FIT: Minimum Wheel Size 17"


NOTES:  Sold without brake pads. Choose from compounds 7420 and add to order.

1G Eclipse 13" FSL Track Kit



TCE 12.2" Rear Kit

  • Wilwood Dyna Pro Lug Mount calipers (4 piston)
  • Grey T3 Anodized finish
  • TCE aluminum mounting brackets
  • Wilwood aluminum hats
  • 12.2 x .810" rotors
  • Gas slotted 
  • BP10 Street Pads 
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • All required hardware
  • Optional Drilled/Slotted rotor
  • Optoinal BLACK or RED powder coat finish

APPLICATION: Revised in 2013 this kit now comes with the new Low Profile, four pot Dyna Pro caliper. A slight increase in piston area it's ideal for most rear kit applications. Kit is suitable for all uses but will require modification for fitting open track pads- current pad choice is limited. Can be mounted fore or aft of the axle no longer requiring removal of stock iron mount lugs. Available only as a NON parking brake kit.


FIT: Minimum Wheel Size 16"


NOTES: No Parking Brake. Can be mounted ahead or behind centerline. Stock mounts must be cut off if mounted behind. Bolts to three M8 hole pattern on trailing arm requiring removal of rear bearing for installation. *Plate 4816 is street only. Use 7812 for track pads. Must cut off pad stop in caliper.

1G Eclipse 12.2 Rear Kit


Allow a couple weeks production time



FITMENT:  It is up to the consumer to verify proper vehicle and wheel fit. Wheel clearance requirements can be found on the WHEEL FIT page in the TOOLBOX above. If you are unsure of the fit or application please call or email prior to ordering. TCE makes no guarantee of wheel clearance.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All sales subject to 20% restocking fee. Return shipping is on you. No credit will be given for installed, mishandled or damaged goods. 

SHIPPING: Shipping charges will be applied in the Shopping Cart prior to check out. Prices are based on an average delivery zone. Additional shipping charges may apply to AK, CA and HI. Call before you order for details.





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