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TCE Performance Products

TCE Stocked Brake Pads

The PolyMatrix and BP family is comprised of a number of friction compounds that provide incremental changes in torque values and operational temperature range. All compounds are formulated for complete compatibility with cast iron and flat steel rotors. Based on their intended temperature range, there are also PolyMatrix compounds for use on ceramic coated non-ferrous alloy rotors such as titanium or Aluminum. These choices provide the opportunity to carefully match braking performance to any type of competition or performance driving application.


The graphs below illustrate the differences in temperature range and torque values for each PolyMatrix or BP compound. The graphs are divided into similar heat range ideal for Track or Street use. Selecting the proper pad can be difficult with no experience. As a word of caution; track pad should not be used upon the street due to their tendancy to be hard on rotors. If new to circuit racing TCE would advise a cost effective and rotor friendly pad such as Poly B. For those with better tires, more experience and greater weight a move to A or H is often wise if you out grow B. Starting out with a pad of too high a Cf can lead to over braking and upset handling due to their extreme torque.



"A" Compound

PolyMatrix "A" represents the racing brake industry's ultimate achievements in friction material for severe duty, extended high temperature braking. Originally developed for stock cars on tracks like Martinsville and Watkins Glen, this phenomenal material provides the highest friction torque values of any material used with cast iron, high strength steel, or titanium rotors.

"B" Compound

PolyMatrix "B" is the first choice for most weekly racing categories on asphalt and severe duty use on dirt tracks. It is an extremely versatile material with high friction values and low rotor abrasion over a broad temperature range. The number one choice on the DynaPro caliper kits such as MINI and WRX due to its cost effectiveness and long wear value. A great starting point before H.


PolyMatrix "H" compound is about as close to a "race it everywhere" pad material that could possibly exist. Drivers are calling them “the most drivable pads” they have ever run. "H" compound is a high friction, long wearing material that is capable of withstanding the extreme sustained high temperatures found on hard braking short tracks and road courses. 

"BP-30" Compound


Added in late 2020, BP30 is the recommended replacement for Poly H where high friction, hight temperature and long life meet. This is now the default pad in all Wilwood competition kits and the go-to pad for Spec Corvette. Pricing is a bit lower than Poly H making it a bonus buy. While 30s are compatible with the former Poly line we suggest a mild scuff of the rotor before bedding of the new compound.




"BP-10" Compound

The standard pad for nearly all TCE street kits and most Wilwood factory kits. This pad offers the best combo of low noise, dust and wear in the product line. It is not a racing compound but when pushed hard on the street its recovery is acceptible and the pad does not exhibit excessive tansfer or chunking. You'll feel it's giving up when the temps rise- a sign to back off the hard use and consider an alternate compound. 

"BP-20" Compound

BP20 was a hit for users looking to step up bite and temperature over BP10 yet not endure the wear and tear of dedicated track pads. As rotor temperatures rise, BP20 ramps up in a progressive manner to meet the needs of an elevated Cf application. BP20 will have a higher wear rate, noise level and dust level than BP10 and could be considered acceptable for a daily driver pad. For those looking for the Dual Purpose pad BP20 may prove a good choice. This pad is not however a dedicated open track pad for sustained high temperature use.

"E" Compound 


With a low to mid level temperature range and modest Cf, Poly E pads are an excellent choice for dirt track racing, high performance street and medium duty track applications where over braking is possible with a higher grip pad. Poly E is quite metallic in nature and should not be considered a first choice for a daily driver unless noise and dust are not an issue. Suitable for Autocross use where a faster response time is needed over BP10 or 20 yet full on race pads are not ideal. Great for bias tuning on the rear of light to medium duty applicatons are needed when combined with compounds such as B are employed on the front. An ideal pad for Rally Cross use. We run E compound on the Hill Climb race car exclusively.

"Pro-Matrix" or PM Compound


ProMatrix is Wilwood's latest performance street compound for many OE applications. PM is similar to BP20 where no longer available and offers a higher Cf and temperature range than BP10. A good choice for spirited street use or light track use (limited) where a pad change is not desired from street to track. It however is not a formulated racing pad. Common use in Wilwood D8, D154, D340 and other cross over street or OE caliper applications not serviced by the more exotic compounds. 




Pad Wear Spacers and Titanium Heat Shields

Pad Spacers are inserted behind worn brake pads to maximize friction material use without piston binding and to ensure proper piston to bore concentricity thus preventing damage to the housing wall and sticking pistons. When pads are worn down 30-50% installing these wear plates will keep the pistons inside the caliper where they belong! A very light amount of anti-squeal lube or silicone can be used to bond the plates to the brake pad backing to reduce pad rattle. TCE now manufactures pad spacers for most of our kits as well as cross fitting a number of other kits using the same pad profile. Pad spacers are produced from steel and zinc plated.


TCE's Titanium Heat Shields provide a thermal barrier between the brake pad and pistons reducing heat transfer to the the caliper body and fluid. This temperature reduction reduces fliuid temps associsted wtih "boiled" brake fluid and the rusultant soft pedal, loss of tactital feel and poor braking performance. Sold in sets of 4 these shields are but .032" thick and thus fit behind new pads as well as old pads. For even more protection they can be stacked up or used in conjuntion with our Pad Spacers above. 



 PAD PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING  (priority flat rate US only)

In stock compounds listed below.  Please call to request alternate compounds.

Returns subject to 15% restocking fee- be certain you pick the proper pad!  Sold by "Axle Set"- 4 pads per box



Aero6/4  20MM Pad




10120 6620 D1792
Aero4/6 20mm

Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates

Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates





TC6 Aero/W 17mm BSL6/FSL6/FSLI 20mm
6318 6617 7420
Aero4/6 17mm
BSL / FSL 20mm
Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates




FNSL4/6 16mm

7416 6712 7816
BSL4 BSL6 16mm
DPr / NMDP 7816
Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates




7812 7112 6812

No longer stocked, remaining invventory:  CALL

1 Poly A

1 BP20 

Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates




  FDP-Low Profile P-Brake
  4812 D340
Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates Titanium Shims and Pad Wear Plates


For addtional items such as Cotter Pins, Pad Shims, Anti-Rattle clips, Pistons, Bleeders and more please see the SERVICE PARTS page.

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