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TCE Performance Products

TCE welcomes Mazda RX8 owners with two Front Kits!
The RX8 represents state of the art in Rotary performance, TCE/Wilwood big brakes are now here to enhance your braking performance. In reviewing customer needs and wants TCE has put together two brake kit options. One for the street enthusiast who wants to keep stock wheels, the other an custom competition kit targeted to those running 17" track wheels. Both come with over 18 years of big brake design and experience assuring you of a proper design and the ever popular TCE value.


The TCE 14" Street Kit- $2295

  • Wilwood FNSL6* radial mount calipers- (6 piston)
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • Wilwood 14 x 1.10" GT directional cast rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • Wilwood 12 bolt, aluminum rotor hats
  • TCE spec radial mounts
  • BP10 pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • Optional cross drilled rotor finish- ADD $162

Application: The TCE Street kit for stock wheels. This complete front kit includes proven performance and durability with full 14" rotors and forged six piston calipers. Factory applied powder coat finish offers a durable, long lasting finish. Optional drilled/slotted discs are available.


Fit: Requires 18" or larger wheels.


Notes: Designed for maximum wheel clearance this kit can be boosted in performance for Open Track use by way of optional Therm-lock pistons and proper pad selection. Its limitations are based on the fit of 1.10" wide rotors. *Updated to from the FNSL4 to FNSL6 in 2015.

The TCE 14" Track Kit- $2549

  • Wilwood Aero4 Radial mount calipers (4 piston)
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • TCE spec radial mount brackets
  • Wilwood 14 x 1.25" GT rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • Wilwood 12 bolt, aluminum rotor hats
  • BP20 street & light duty track pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • Optional cross drilled rotor finish- ADD $162

Application: For the more demanding driver TCE offers a more beefy design using the larger Aero4 caliper and a choice of 13.3 or 14" rotors depending upon wheel size. These kits are of course 'streetable' with the proper pad choice and come with the elevated street performance and light track duty; BP20s. For Open track use alternate pads such as Poly B or Poly H are recommended.


Fit: Minimum 17" brake friendly wheels required for 13.3" kits and 18" wheels for 14" kits.




The Rotor kit- $1095

  • Billet aluminum rotor hats
  • Caliper relocation brackets
  • 13" x .720" vented rotors
  • Gas slotted
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • All required hardware
  • Optional cross drilled rotor finish- ADD $162

Application: Matching rear rotor kit for the rear. Add full size rear rotors for improved brake response, added rotor torque and more thermal mass.


Fit: Stock and 18" or larger wheels.


Notes: Retains factory parking brake. Does not come with calipers.







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