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Welcome to TCE Performance Products LLC

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Your Home For Custom Big Brake Kit Work:  If you have a project that you can't find brakes for TCE can help. From 11.75" to full on 16" kits we can help. Most kits offer dual-plane adjustable mounting for older spindle and hub variations, radial mount bracket systems- the strongests method, and 2pc hats and rotors. All good stuff! When it comes to older vehicles however we will almost always require you supply both front spindles/hubs/bearings for a front bench build. As of August '21 TCE has produced upwards of 100 custom Big Brake Kits!  If you have an 'odd duck' give TCE a call. Or better yet; email a couple of images of what you have to work from and and tell us what you have in mind. The goal behind each TCE kit is to produce kits that present as a Wilwood factory kits and compliment a factory rear kit. Every effort it made to keep the builds simple, clean and easy to install. For more info and examples please see:  CUSTOM KITS


Have a thing for Yellow? How about Green?

Bronco fan and want Orange calipers with a Blue Logo?? We got that! 

Click the image below and scroll the full range of options!

Check out Wilwood's array of 24 custom color options for all Wilwood calipers. All calipers are assembled to your request from new stock bodies and fully built for you. Parts are not "refinished" in any way. Buid time may vary from 3-5wks. To add this option to any order: Place your order for black or red as usual and call/emil TCE for the change order. We'll invoice you per pair of calipers to the color you want. $435 per pair.


Caprice 13" Budget Kits are a HIT !

Check the 71-76 Caprice and Impala page and see what TCE has in store for those who want big brakes but don't want to shell out $5500 or more to get there. The new 13" kits are direct fit kits (front spindle mod still required) for both the front and the stock rear axle. Sold only in Black or Red and with Drilled and Slotted rotors by default they will ramp up the appearance of your Caprice as well as improve your braking performance. Not to the point of out 15 and 16" kits of course...but at $1895 an axle how can you go wrong with that?!!

TCE Shirts and TCE Decals!




The correct part for the job!

TCE uses a variety of calipers for different applications. From the street to the track selecting the caliper that best fits your needs is important. First is size; larger rotors require a caliper that fits the diameter of your disc. Piston area; using the proper area is important for proper brake balance. Pad size; we want a pad that will last long enough for the projected working environment. Weight; clearly a larger caliper can weigh you down. Cost;  larger calipers of course cost more money for materials and machine time.

2023 Out Of Shop Notice:

Please note that the shop will be closed

Dec 6-10 PRI show- Indy

Dec 23-25 Holiday

Jan 22-28 Mecum Motorcycle Auction- Las Vegas


Links to various tools, suppliers and external input to help you with your braking project.



A very comprehensive listing of dozens of brake fluid specifications.


Pedal is still soft after bleeding? Caliper mounting angles can play a huge role.


What is it and how can it be altered?


Black and Red not doing it for you? Check out the options! Mix and match.


Depends on the specs of your BBK. Use this to help make the determination. 


Shipping Updates:

Feb 2023: Due to ever changing product costs and shipping rates TCE is no longer offering "Free Shipping" on most purchases. Add the kit or item to the cart and a shipping fee will be applied there. Additional shipping fees will be applied to orders to AK, CA and HI. Call ahead or you will be notified and billed for these fees prior to release. You may of course request a refund. 


TCE  Racing Team

Pounding the mountain roads of Colorado 


WINS: 50   RECORDS: 16   KING of the HILL: 3


Despite missing more races in 2023 Team TCE has achieved the milestone of over 50 wins in Hill Climb races: now 51

We'll be back next year, one more time to try and string together a more complete year!


RACE 1: May 20-21: Temple Canyon I. Canon City, CO  DNS

RACE 2: June 17-18: Monarch I. Monarch, CO DNS

RACE 3: August 5-6: Lands End. Grand Junction, CO DNS

RACE 4: Augus 26-27: Temple Canyon II. Canon City, CO 1St Place SS

RACE 5: September 23-24 Monarch II. Monarch, CO 1st Place SS

Race Car Specs

Race Results

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