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The TCE/Wells Coyote
TCE is often asked about our race car and it's build so we have compiled a list of facts below to tell you a bit more about this unique vehicle.

Chassis: All aluminum, tube frame. Modular design for break away safety. Much of the frame and mounts to it are held in place via saddle mounts and hose clamps. Originally produced by veteran Pikes Peak builder John Wells, the frame has been highly modified by both TCE and Stewart Fabricating in Phoenix.

Suspension: All aluminum. Double A-arm front, multi link rear. Custom upper and lower A-arms by TCE, F-K aluminum rod ends, swaged aluminum straight links. Aluminum front spindles with Wilwood wide five hub assemblies. QA-1 coil over shocks with various spring rates. TCE built rear uprights featuring VW Type II hubs with wide five wheel adapters.

Brakes: Wilwood of course. NDL front calipers, BDL rear calipers on custom TCE rotors and hats. Dual master cylinders. Turning brake. Polymatrix D compound pads.

Engine: 3.5L SHO, 24v, stroked V6. 13:1+ CR. Estimated at 400hp. N/A, custom heads, intake, Stage II cams, custom Marren Injectors, Morrell/Dix tuning, underdrive water pump, mini alternator, lightened pulleys, JE pistons, Total Seal, K&N with outer wear. Custom oil injection and cooling systems. Kennedy light weight flywheel.

Transaxle: TCE built Mendeola/Hewland custom. Four speed, straight cut, dog box. Hewland Mk5 gears, Formula Mazda rear carrier and shifter housing. Engine adapter by Kennedy, special built Stage III clutch kit with aluminum pressure plate.
VW Type II CVs on custom 300m shafts.

Wheels/Tires: 15 x 5 front wheels by Bogart, 15 x 12 rear by Circle. Both 'wide five' pattern, all aluminum. Goodyear Formula Vee rain tires up front with Goodyear Pikes Peak Specials on the rear.

Wings: Max allowable; 16sq foot front and rear. Modified FM race car wings to wider design.

Fluids: VP or Sunoco racing fuel, Redline Motor oil, Shock Proof Gear Oil, Wilwood 570 Brake Fluid.

General: Weight: 1470 w/driver. Wheel base: 92". Fuel cap: 4g. Track; 55" front/70" rear.

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