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TCE Racing History and Race Results:

Begun in 2000 the TCE racing team has compiled an impressive list of results. This due in part to the great help and assistance of many folks. TCE the company and its workers/helpers- Mike, Wooly, Moses, Chris, Frank, and Emar. And all the guys at Stewart Fabrication for their help in my desired frame modifications, especially Ron, for all his effort! Later work included the awesome welding and repairs of Casey @ JPF Metalwerks.

  • Carroll Shelby/Goodyear for tire service and support allowing me to put the power to the ground.
  • Hoosier Race Tire for picking up where Goodyear left off and producing a new Hill Climb Special
  • The crew; Gene, Barry, Glenda, Wili, Chris, and many others along the way for making it all happen.
  • Greg Dix for helping with new tuning and computer support.

Results by Year
2024: Rangely 1st (new record),
2023: Temple Canyon II:1st, Monarch II: 1st
2022: Temple Canyon: Snowed out. Rangely: 1st, Lands End; DNF, Monarch 1 DNS, Temple II DNS, Monarch II DNS
2021: Clifton: 2nd overall, Four wins: Monarch, Lands End, Temple Canyon II (record, new race), Monarch II (record, new race)
2020: No Entries
2019: Temple Canyon: 1st, Rangely I: DNF, Monarch: DNF, Lands End: 1st, Rangely II: 2nd.
2018: Four win sweep: Temple Canyon, Monarch, Lands End, Rangely (record, new race). 1st in Championship. 
2017: One win; Temple Canyon- 3rd (*16 car), Mt. Wash.- 2nd in class (3rd Overall), Lands End- 2nd in classe (*16 car) Clifton- 1st Overall
2016: Three wins; Temple Canyon- 1st, Monarch- 1st, Lands End- 1st (*16 car)
2015: Three wins; Temple Canyon, Monarch, Lands End, Second; Clifton
2014: One win; Lands End
2013: No Entries
2012: See Open Wheel
2011: See Open Wheel
2010: See Open Wheel
2009: One win. Third; Temple Canyon, Second; Buena Vista, First; Lands End
2008: One win; Lands End (only event entered)
2007: Four wins (all entered), two new records; Pikes Peak and T-Canyon.
2006: Two wins, Pikes Peak (record Qual. time), T-Canyon: new record time
2005: Four wins (all entered), including Pikes Peak. 2nd in Championship. T-Canyon new record
2004: Six Win sweep, including Pikes Peak, Four new course records, 1st in CHCA Championship.
2003: Six Win sweep, Third at Pikes Peak (Open Wheel- no Sprint class), 1st in CHCA Championship.
2002: Four Second place finishes, one DNF, 2nd in Championship.
2001: Seven races, four podium finishes, DNF Pikes Peak, 3rd in Championship.
2000: Seven races, 5th at Pikes Peak in Rookie year, 7th in Championship.
2024: 1st Rangely,
2021: 1st Monarch, 1st Monarch II
2018: Fourth; Rangley (dbl entry)
2015: Second; Temple Canyon, Third Lands End (dbl entry)
2014: Second; Lands End (dbl entry)
2013: No Entries 
2012: Second; Temple Canyon, 4th Pikes Peak (Open Wheel)
2011: Second; Temple Canyon, Second; Mt. Washington (Open Comp)
2010: One win; Temple Canyon, Second; Lands End

Wins By Race and Class: 52

Super Sprint

Lands End, Grand Junction (12x)

Temple Canyon, Canon City (13x)

Continential Divide, Monarch (8x)

Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs (4x)

Buffalo Peaks, Buena Vista (4x)

Canyon Pintado, Rangely (3x)

Gold Camp I, Victor (1x)

Gold Camp II, Victor (1x)

Hartsel Memorial, Hartsel (1x)


Open Wheel

Continential Divide, Monarch  (2x) 

Temple Canyon, Canon City (1x) 



Clifton Hill Climb: Clifton AZ (1x)

Canyon Pintado, Rangely (1x)


Records Set: 16

T-Canyon (4x) Existing Record Time
Cont. Divide  Existing Record Time

Cont. Divide Monarch II  Super Sprint  Existing Record Time

Cont. Divide Monarch II Open Wheel Record Eclipsed
Gold Camp I  Existing Record Time
Gold Camp II Record Eclipsed
Lands End  Existing Record Time
Hartsel  Existing Record Time
Pikes Peak Qualifying  Existing Record Time
Pikes Peak Race Existing Record Time

Temple Canyon II  Existing Record Time

Rangely Existing Record Time

2015 Clifiton- overall record time Record Eclipsed


King of the Hill: 3

Temple Canyon 1

Lands End 1

Clifton 1

Canyon Pintado 1


Pikes Peak Finishing Record 8 Entries

1st- Super (Mini) Sprint 2004, '05, '06, '07

5th- Super (Mini) Sprint 2000 (Rookie Year)

3rd- Open Wheel 2002

4th- Open Wheel 2012

DNF- Open Wheel  2001

DNF: 6

Pikes Peak 2001- Electrical 

Temple Canyon 2002- Cam/Head failure 

Lands End 2006- Crash 

Rangely 1 2019- Crash 

Monarch 2019- Fueling issues





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