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FNSL6/CPB   4X Kit

TCE/Wilwood 14/13

Aero6/CPB  4X Kit

Front & Rear Kit Combo w/Hoses Front & Rear Kit Combo w/Hose Front & Rear Kit Combo w/Hoses
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Kit No. 141-9107.10158 Kit No. 141-9117.10158 Kit No. 141-Aero 6.10158
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*Corvette install shown for reference only


ITMENT:  It is up to the consumer to verify both vehicle and wheel fit. Application data is available by clicking the HELP ME INSTALL IT link for both front and rear kits. Wheel fit data can be viewed on page 3 of that pdf. It is up to the consumer to determine the suitablity of use for any and all products upon their vehicle. TCE makes no claim to fit beyond the data referenced above.

Unsure?: If you are unsure of the fit or application please call or email so we can help you select the proper kit!

*SHIPPING: Free Ground UPS in continental USA only. No out of country sales. Please call or email for all others.


Single axle TCE exclusive listings

TCE/Wilwood 14" Aero6 Front kit

 The 14" base kit. $2089  

  • Wilwood Aero6 Calipers (6 piston)
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • Wilwood 14" x 1.25 GT rotors
  • Gas slotted 
  • Wilwood aluminum rotor hats
  • TCE spec radial mount brackets
  • BP10 pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • Optional cross drilled rotors- ADD $150

Application: TCE's version of the 2005 and up larger brake kit for previous generation owners. Pulling from the same basic parts found in all the later model kits this one is assembled by TCE to the same high quality standards. 


Fit:  Requires 18" or larger wheels. 


Notes: SS flex lines are side specific. Custom pc colors available.

*This kit is found at the right in the above table offered in 4X form with a rear kit also.



Cobra IRS Rear Kit With or W/O Parking Brake

The 13" base kit. $1864   

  • Wilwood FNSL4 calipers (4 piston)
  • Choice of BLACK or RED powder coat finish
  • TCE radial mount brackets w/MC4 plates
  • Wilwood 12.88" x .81" directional cast rotors
  • Optional 14" rotors- ADD $82
  • Gas slotted 
  • Wilwood Billet aluminum rotor hats
  • BP10 pads
  • TCE spec stainless steel hose kit
  • Optional cross drilled rotors- ADD $150
  • Wilwood MC4 mechanical spot caliper w/pads
  • Color matched to the FNSL4
  • No parking brake calipers- DEDUCT $135

Application: The answer the IRS rear big brake kit! This TCE/Wilwood kit combines the necessary parts to boost rear brake performance as well as keep the oftern required parking brake for street use. Our exclusive double mount bracket secures both the four pot caliper and the MC4 mechanical spot caliper to the 12.88" diameter disc. Like nearly all TCE kits this one comes with 2pc hats and rotors with the option for a cross drilled and slotted finish. A clean and simple solution. *A price adjustment will be made for non p-brake 14" rears.


Fit:  13" kit requires 17" or larger wheels. Optional 14" size will require 18" or larger wheels.


Notes: Parking brake cables NOT included.

The TCE Cobra Rear is the only dual caliper set up on the market to allow the fit of both the classic four piston rear caliper and a mechanical spot caliper for your parking brake needs. These kits will be offered on a "build to order" basis only. Please allow for about 3wks lead time on these. 



TCE offers the complete line of Mustang kits also at very affordable prices. The above references only the most popular street/track kits. Please call for all other needs.

Rear kits sold above include ss flex hose kits but not parking brake cable kits.

Please see the rear kit pdf for your cable kit requirement and cable kit number.







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